Area Rug Drop-Off & Pick-Up Services

Our drop-off and pickup rug cleaning services at Osborne’s Carpet Cleaning provide you with the most cost effective, thorough carpet cleaning for area rugs. Because our professionals don’t have to make the journey to your home, dropping off and picking up your rug is hands down the most affordable way to have your rug cleaned.

You simply have to call to schedule a drop-off time and we’ll call you when it’s ready to be picked up (2-3 business days on average). Be sure to call first to schedule your initial drop-off appointment!

Benefits of Having Professionals Clean Your Area Rug

Many people think vacuuming is sufficient to keep an area rug clean or opt for “do-it-yourself” cleaning products for a deeper clean. Unfortunately, both approaches often miss the mark and can leave your carpet permanently damaged.

Vacuuming is great for removing the top layer of dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris from your area rugs. It should be done regularly and can help prevent those particles from sinking deeper into the rug. However, NO vacuum can get at the deep layers of your rug that develop a build-up of dirt and debris over time. At Osborne’s Cleaning, we use a truck-mounted steam cleaning, Rotovac scrub cleaning, and deodorization to get at those deep layers and remove the dirt and grime.

Many people shouldn’t attempt to clean their area rugs with “do-it-yourself” cleaning products. While this can seem helpful, instead it often leads to irreparable damage to your rugs. If you use the wrong type of cleaner for your rug or scrub too vigorously, it can damage the carpet fibers or color. Using a professional like Osborne’s Cleaning ensures those things won’t happen. We have the knowledge, training and take the time to analyze the type of rug we’re dealing with. We look at the extent of wear and tear, tailoring our cleaning methods to the needs of your rug. In addition, we have developed reliable techniques for removing stains, whether they are from pets, food, dirt, beverages, grease or ink.

With Osborne’s Cleaning, you will always get a deep reliable clean that is safe for your rug.

The Top Carpet Cleaners

Osbornes Cleaning is your number one choice for carpet cleaning, providing residents with high quality, affordable carpet cleaning services for more than a 45 years. We’ve received excellent reviews on Angie’s List and earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

If you want to have your area rug cleaned, call ahead at (208) 743-9664 to schedule a drop-off time!